Many films have been made from the place of William Shakespeare when a literary work or a part of a literary work is used as a base for a film or TV series it is called adaptation. It is a form of translation known as trans mutation; a change from one semiotic system to another symbiotic system here written text is turned into visual text linguistic science are replaced by the visual science. Few of shakespearean works have been adopted in Indian films to. 2003 film maqbool by Vishal Bhardwaj is in adaptation of Shakespeare’s one of the best tragedies Macbeth

Maqbool was Vishal Bhardwaj second film as a director the film had its not American premiere at the 2003 to run to international film festival. And it was also screen in the match schedule film section of the 2004 games film festival. The film has a great star cast Pankaj Kapoor he went to awards for this role Irfan Khan Tabu, nasruddin Shah ompuri and Piyush Mishra. The screenplay was developed from the drama by Vishal Bhardwaj and Abbas tyre wala. The most significant turn in the adaptation is that the film is about Mumbai underworld.

Shakespeare’s art of characterization needs no introduction his characters do not belong to any particular place or time there universal in nature and just universal of the his characters allow film makers even today to adaptors place and characters for their cinematic purpose however it is important to know that characters undergo transformation when they are shifted from one literary medium text to another film this happens when we because the power of fusion videos entirely different from that of print media Shakespeare’s totally different from Vishal in terms of all conditions in place of girlsthe most significant turn in the depression that film is about Mumbai underworld the king Duncan one of Scotland is actually and underworld don Ambaji Macbeth maqbool and banku Kaka are two of his goals who look after his business and lady Macbeth nimmi is actually a mistress of abbaji and not a wife of maqbool. Two corrupt policeman predict the reign of maqbool on abbaji is kingdom. The role of which is from the drama is taken by these two policeman. But, unlike drama, they are not passive fortune teller. In fact there in manipulating the future events. These which is believe in the balance of power and hands its accordingly to increase the revolverine between the gangs and within the gang. Second deciding factors of ABBA ji, who secretly falls for maqbool and contraise him to be the next head of the gang and also achieve the more temple stop

When mcmath ask about his demise which is tell him that the jungles arrival at his place will bring his do similar prediction is used here on maqbools query policeman tells him that she is arrival at his palace will bring his do such a professor literary level is impossible to turn true. But the custom comes to macbook place to arrest him due to smuggling from the sea route.

Does most of the dramatic aspects have been detained in the movie with slide modifications to fit the modern era and Underworld look and feel also use is certain unique devices which make the filma impressive experience the most distinguish aspect of the film is the acting of all the major and minor characters however in maqbool there are no instances of either sorry lock please or a sides. It is only through the exchange of dialogues that the audience comes to know of the characters in a state of mind.

The music of the film both background music and songs is yet another in Bharadwaj step he has composed the oral music of the movie the songs and memorable and soothing but the most main feature is the song never stop the advancement of the movie they don’t hit the audiences attention in Macbeth there is no please and music at all it is only the and please and sound of rain storms thunder and lightning get balances the UN musical situation how but in the movie has very rich music keeping with the conventions of a typical Bollywood film and there are many songs and dancing to the music and images free songs all of which occur in the first half the first song that takes place in the film is Tu mere rubaru hai which is a Sufi song that starts at the holy shine. The singer full stop film also has an instrumental theme music which is played throughout in the background to 4 shadow something fall that might happen.

The setting has been changed from the royal court of Scotland to the Mumbai underworld in the words of Stephen alter foggy morals and bank as us give way to mild Havells havelies and the stacks escapes of Mumbai horses are replaced by Mercedes Benz and swords with pistols but the real magic of the film lies in the way Vishal is able to reconstruct a Scottish malur drama within the dangerous and twisted domain of Mumbai criminal Underworld not only does he locate the story in a different time and place but like a familiar theme in music that another key this is being done deliberately to the needs of Bollywood. In place of kings and noble generals the film depics men who belong to the Underworld and most of them are from the Muslim community. But describe making the changes in setting language and location the film remains honest in its theme of experience tragedy. Of shakespearean tragedy.

One interesting symbol developed in the movies is chanting of Quranic Ayaz in the background at the time of murder for stop such a use makes the murder sacrificial considering the fact that the mothers were needed for the safety of the gang and they turn out to be sacrificial in the true sense sacrificing and individual to guarantee the well being of the Mafia gang this is used at least three times with the brilliant effect the technique makes the slanges sacrificial and less

The movie becomes an epic tell of an ever inducted person turning into tracker and traitors due to his ambition and lust for power. Maqbool was very happy being a right hand of abbaji until the policemanprocise about him taking over ABBA ji sovereignty later on his lust for Mimi gets added in the venture of eliminating Ambaji from the throne of Underworld and bed of nimmi. Maqbool was earlier given the control of Bollywood which was also prediction of the police man and because of the season maqbool gather the audacity to murder Abbasi

One more important aspect in the movies is the relationship between maqbool and dabbaji the director very suppli complements the room of adipose complex by presenting lady Macbeth is a mistress of the King hair maqbool is not only contraving for the throne in power but also for his love interest. By killing abbaji, he find his place on his thrown as well as in his bed. Just like conquering the kings gets not just stayed but also gets his wife full stop in fact achieving me becomes prime motive as the rule of a buddy started complaining as soon as he dies. Everybody new that Bull is the prepaid prepare but he is supported by Muslim political big shot and hands people supported him.

The scenes of hallucination and write of blood have been portrait very powerfully both maqbool and nimmi were guilt written and hallucinating the blood and dead bodies of the people they have killed in drama Macbeth and hallucination of during a meet at his castle lady Macbeth saved him by asking other guest to leave in the movie the scene was well incorporated it was a time of one of the death rituals of ABBA ji everyone was there and the police man bring the dead body of Kaka makbul hair hallucinates that Kaka makes up from death and close this evil intentions.

The drama is all about human ambition and all the evil tactics that make that uses to gain power and ultimately his tragic demise by relocating the characters and story under Mumbai underworld, director supplements one more aspect to the significance of the film the movie also throw some light on the inter relationship of our politics and Underworld. The exist in mutual support. The candidates supported by Baji will never lose election on the other hand abbaji was guaranteed freedom from the law and order by these politicians. The corruption is an integral part of the system does the film becomes a great work of art which combines the classical tragedy with modern days scenario it combined University appealing issue of human ambition and local issue of collaboration of politics and criminal world. It’s up your moulviation of classical and cultural of universal and local. The movie was a gem and international appreciated not do well it Indian Box office this literally means that are viewers are not get it for realistic cinema.

In both Macbeth and maqbool the order that is disturbed in the beginning gets restored in the end. In the play make the skills Macbeth and carries his head on stage and welcomes placed on the throne order is restored because the legitimate hair of Duncan is crowded the king in the film however order gets he stored in Guddu and Sameera lovingly accept the child of nimmi their kind that of humanity compensates for all the blood shed in Amity.

in order to reconstruct on adapt a film director heavenly realize on the source tax kenly observes each word scene characters etc hower he is bound to deviate from the original text to get to the needs of cinema also to fit in the present time certain changes modification and necessary if a film maker sticks to such demand the depression loses its true essence and state becomes in appropriation such as the case with Vishal Bhardwaj maqbool there after then analysis of the two generous tax and can be controlled in the film is an appropriation of the text rather than being strict adaptation of the source tax tho their many instances in the film where is strong parallel can be drawn with the text but the differences are more coherent. However it is important to mention that despite making the changes in setting location language and plot the film remains lol to Shakespeare and its a since the ID of crying the concept of fear and the will the portrait of the disturbed natural order at the same as in the original source tax maintaining the sex experience spirit does the film becomes a great work of art which combined the classical tragedy with modern days in you it combined University of politic s and criminal word.

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