Beauty is never defined by looks it’s inner conscience

Looks, physical appearances, and facial features are the only things that matter to people? Are these things defining you? Are these important facets of your living or your life? Or is it that you too love or judge a person by his/her beauty. The beauty here is not a reference to inner beauty. Here, beauty that describes its emergence is the outer beauty,i.e outer appearances. I think to a certain extent this is really true with everyone. Not saying the entire population, but the proportion of people believing in outer beauty is more as compared to the opposite view.

What is beauty?

What is beauty? Beauty is something that gives joy, pleasure, and happiness to our senses. It is the combination of all those qualities that make the other individual feel something for you. The feel here is not only the feeling of love but anything like gratification, inculcation, etc. Beauty is not a word that defines your looks or your appearance. It justifies the way you think, and behave. It describes how good the next one feels when he/ she is around you. It is a mix of kindness, grace, and strength that is not only interiorized in your own character but also encompasses all other people present around you, It is the sense of being guileless to complete humanity.

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But nowadays, moreover, this beauty is surpassed to enter very different dimensions like how a person looks, how will he/ she is dressed or how is the physical appearance of the individual. Beauty is being misdriven nowadays. But as far as I am concerned, beauty is not only about looks, features, or external appearances but about the way you are. Beauty for me is something that enlightens the eyes of people when they meet you. It is all about your character. I will not deny the fact that beauty is also related to external features but how a combination of both external and internal features heightens your physical height. But, beauty is more weighted towards internal beauty.

Beauty as inner conscience…

I truly get subjected to the very lines by John Keats” a thing of beauty is a joy forever “.i.e if something is beautiful for you then it will present you with everlasting joy and happiness. Its charm for you will not be accustomed to a limited period but for a lifetime.

Beauty, changes with context for every individual. Not only with individuals but also with thoughts, feelings, and yourself. Beauty is confidence, happiness, ever-lasting joy, love, and pleasure to an individual but at the same time, it may be health, family, and a state of physical and mental correspondence with another individual. It depends on how you perceive it.

Last but not the least, for me beauty is something that is eternal i.e the inner qualities and the way that upholds the other individual. Every individual in this world is unique with his/her own experiences, beliefs, and perceptions. So why define everyone with the same sets of physical appearances and subjects. Go for internal beauty because it is the only thing that lasts forever. On top of that, beauty is how you feel inside, it is the light of your heart that reflects in your eyes and brightens and enlightens the eyes of every other person you meet. Moreover, the beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites sensitive souls to tears.

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