Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparison- the worst thing that every individual on Earth is keen to carry out. People love comparing their lives, their desires, their happiness, their relationships or better it can be easily said that everything that they have they compare with the other person.But Why? What is the need to compare yourself with others? They are very eager to compare themselves as well as their lives with other people and this comparison is maximum times negative or deteriorating rather than positive.

We all humans have a habit of always remaining fascinated by the things of other individuals but when this fascination turns up into comparison, we also don’t know. Although, we know it’s human nature, beholding it for long is very harmful. We all remain unsatisfied with all our things, but we all never think that our way of living, is still a desire for a lot of people. So, this thirst inside us is never satisfied. And this insatiable thirst is a big cause of comparison among individuals.

Ways to avoid doing comparison-

There are a lot of ways by which we all can avoid doing comparisons. But, all these ways only help when an individual tries to work on them-

1. Be grateful for all the things you have.

2. Be proud of your growth and for all the things you have accomplished.

3. Be happy with others’ happiness.

4. Love yourself and your strengths.

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5. Be aware of your triggers and avoid them.

6. Don’t allow social media to make you feel degraded.

7. Count on your blessings and compare yourself with your past self. That’s the best comparison you can ever have.

8. Be confident.

9. Money is a leading cause for comparison. Keep in mind money cannot buy happiness.

10. Accept exactly what you are. There is nothing like a perfect life or individual.

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I feel that these all ways will somehow lessen the amount and time, we compare ourselves with others. See, it would not be right to say that comparison in most cases leads to negative results, but it depends on which way of comparison we, all are allowing ourselves. Comparison leading to our success is positive. We can compare our present self with our past self. This not only helps an individual to embrace growth but also helps in enhancing and raising confidence, and happiness and makes everyone proud of themselves. Besides, it also helps one to learn from their mistakes. So, do not claim the comparison as a negative stereotype, if you think you can take it as positive.


What’s more, don’t go for a comparison that lets you down. Comparison leads to a lot of disturbance in one’s life. So why? Why invite an unwelcomed disturbance in your life. So stop doing all these things. Stop comparing yourself to others. Make yourself the reason for all your accomplishments and happiness. You should be proud of your own individuality. In the end, focus on your journey and follow the systematic routine of the sun and moon. Both shine individually when it’s their turn.

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