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The first and foremost thing that a person can do for himself/herself is to be good to himself. Every individual on this earth has their own specific place and value. This value is not given or achieved with respect to or taking into consideration the other person. In spite of this value is prioritized by your behavior towards you. You not only need to be good to others but good to yourself too. We would only be able to behave well with others when we treat ourselves with the best possible things. You not only have to establish a relationship with others but with yourself too. People who themselves are happy to create a positive and healthy environment nearby them. This happiness should always not be borrowed but most of the time the happiness should be because you are good to yourself.

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Ways to be good to yourself-

There are a lot of methods by which individuals can be good to themselves. These ways not only take away our stress but also help us in living a healthy, balanced, and happy life. Some of the methods that can really help are described below-

1. Enjoy the basic and simple things- i.e try to find happiness in small things happening around you.

2. Go on to a new place or a new trip or adventure to allow yourself to explore more.

3. Respect your dreams and desires and create ways to achieve them.

4.’I deserve to be happy’ fit this quote in your mind.

5. Pamper yourself i.e go on to do some activities which make you feel happy. These may vary from individual to individual- for girls, it may be some salon sessions, for boys it may be swimming, clubbing, etc.

6. Get yourself a reminder of your good qualities and acknowledge yourself.

7. Spend time with the people you love the most and most importantly with yourself.

8. Forgive yourself for all the past resistances.

9. Do things that make you feel happy.

10. Leave the company of the people who does not treat you well.

So, there are a lot more ways to be good to yourself. But, once you start doing any one of the above, you are surely going to observe a lot of changes inside yourself. Being happy and positive is suitable for everyone around us. It not only makes us feel happy but all people in our company also enjoy this positive vibe. On top of that, it not only helps you to feel extravagant but also helps you in overcoming resistance and problems in your life. When you do good to yourself your ability to do good to others also increases. You will become more good and prominent in understanding people, their feelings, and their problems.

Self Love is the best type of feeling that one can have within themselves, without fear of losing it. Once you start feeling it, it will remain always within you. It also helps you to restrain all sorts of commotion going on inside you. Last but not the least, I would suggest everyone, is to start loving themselves, because we all have been criticizing ourselves for a long time. But now try something new, adjust yourself in the space of self-love, and feel the change. Believe me- ‘it’s unbelievable.

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