When you don’t get what you desire for…

I think the worst feeling that an individual can ever face is the feeling of non-fulfillment. This non-fulfillment arises because of not getting what you desire. Desires are a very integral part of everyone’s life. Everyone has aims, goals, visions, and desires to fulfill and achieve. But the first thing that we need to clearly understand is- What desires are? In my point of view, desires are the wishes present in the both conscious and unconscious states of our mind and lead to happiness on achievement and sadness and pain on not being able to fulfill them. In other words, desires may be some feelings , thoughts, ideas, goals, and aim that people find difficult to achieve efficiently and are named desires.

What this non-fulfillment leads to-

Below we can see what really happens when an individual is not able to get what he desires for-

a) Feeling of dissatisfaction and self-sabotage.

b) A circumstantial pain or hurt maybe also chronic in some cases.

c) Low self-esteem and confidence.

d) Fear and anxiety regarding different other goals and achievements.

e) Depression and bad health.

f) Crisis of further dreams.

g)Feeling of lacking behind other people.

So, all these were some of the effects that are caused by unfulfilled desires. But, we also need to understand the fact that everything in this world is not going to happen according to our will. There are certain natural forces and powers which support the life of an individual on earth. We do not require to compare or seek our desires to greed or any sort of victory over other things. When things do not work in favor of our will or when we don’t get what you desire, we seem to become sad and unhappy and the feeling of self-sabotage also starts persisting inside us.

How to deal with this feeling of non -fulfillment-

Below are some steps that one can take in order to avoid all such conditions or when desires are left un unaccomplished-

a)Accept the fulfilled as well as unfulfilled desires both happily.

b)Do not subject yourself to any kind of pressure on failing.

c)Think positive and have a feeling that something more good is going to come your way.

d)Feel happy that at least you learned something in the process of that unfulfilled desire.

e)Believe in the principle of “letting go”.

f)Do not limit your vision to only a few things.

g)Get yourself ready for radical changes.

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Desires are what- the urge to do something or to achieve something that continuously arises within us. Do not allow these desires or these small wishes to ruin your happiness and enjoyment of life. Do not make them feel like a feat to achieve. We all should feel highly obliged for the desires that are full-field. We all need to accept the changes and unaccomplished desires the same way, we accept fulfillments. Maybe this unaccomplished desire will lead you to a new path -a new journey. So, welcome everything wholeheartedly because, you never know, what is going to come. Last but not the least, manifest unfulfilled desires to transcendence the happy journey of life.

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