Bad communication ends a lot of good things…

We all are aware of the fact how essential communication is in our lives. It not only helps every one of us to connect with others but also to share ideas carrying different perspectives. It is the most effective way to transfer feelings facts and information and it helps in building relationships and good social communications connections with people here we are not going to discuss its positive aspects but we are going to discuss how poor communication, not communication but bad communication and lot of good things in life.

How bad communication creates problems-

We all clearly know that bad communication ends up with a lot of good things happening in our life. Bad communication carries the potential to create conflicts and further these conflict lead to unthought circumstances creating stress and anxiety. Communication not only creates a good level of understanding but also good relationships and compatibility. Some of the disadvantages of bad communication are as follows-

1. Leads to misunderstandings and disagreements

2. Creates confusion and restlessness

3. Missed opportunities

4. Unnecessary conflicts

5. Dissemination of misinformation or fabricated information

6. Mistrust

7. Low morale

8. Broken relationship, company, and sense of lack ness from the world

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All these consequences can only be dealt with by carrying out good and proper communication. We all have heard the fact that discussions end up with a lot of harmful misunderstandings going on. So, carry on your conversations to stop yourself from getting misled and misinterpreted. Last but not least, communication is a crucial part of life. Without it, we can never imagine our existence on this earth. It entails everything going on around us. So, go for it whether it ends well or bad, it will be an experience. But always pray for a good ending.

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