You don’t have to be Perfect all the Time…

John Steinbeck has rightly said that …

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be Good”

Is it really necessary to be perfect all the time? Do your potential and abilities define or opine judgments on your level of perfection? If yes, then you should not get affected by what people say or what people think about you. Accept exactly what you are rather than forcing yourself to become what people want you to become because it is really not necessary to be perfect all the time.

Why always appropriation…

No single entity in this world is doing things with full appropriation. If we limit ourselves to do certain things perfectly then we are surely dragging ourselves away from the process of learning. Accepting that we are perfect in certain things ends up in our spirit of learning. Making mistakes is the most crucial step of the learning process. Mistakes not only help us to learn better but also give us the strength and power to fight back against the problems coming into our lives. One also needs to keep in mind that it is very necessary to accept our flaws. It’s good if you are trying to eliminate them but if the elimination of flaws is somehow rupturing your happiness, peace, and harmony, then you surely are doing wrong.

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As we all are human beings and its the human nature to do things better than the other one. This constant state of judgment for our activities is always the same. We are not happy with what we have. We forget that no one in this world is a mark of perfectionism. This enforcement to live a perfect life sometimes ends up with a lot of stress, depression, anxiety, and fights, and these difficulties keep on increasing when you are not able to meet your expectations. Criticizing yourself for what you are not a something that makes your life hell. So stop doing that. Don’t drop the ideology of working hard and doing good but surely drop the idea of becoming perfect.

How to express your flaws…

Manifesting yourself is the best way to accept yourself. Personally, I think, that the flaws in us only make us unique from the rest of the world. This doesn’t mean that you should not work on your betterment but betterment should not be carried out at the cost of your happy and prosperous living rather it should be entered in such a way that it brings out a better version of yourself. So do not really mess up your life for the sake of being accurate. It’s very okay not to be perfect all the time. After all, it’s our life, we need to make it memorable, we need to make it count and for this, we should live it on our laws- MY LIFE, MY RULES

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