A Thousand Stories in Word

There are unlimited sources of happiness, and a smile is one of the clearest signs that reveal the real joy on one’s face. No doubt every sign conveys a special message, but a smile is A Thousand Stories in Word.

A Thousand Stories

Yes, a smile sometimes is a product of effort and success, and seldom fake happiness which comes out of a compromise. It can be a tool to overcome stress and a supplement to someone’s smile as well. It is sometimes a need of the hour and often a display to show surprise. It is a situation; it is a need; it’s everything.

We can say it…

Smile! What can we say it? I think

S – Something that

M – Makes

I – Infinite sense


E- Everyone in awe…

A smile is the most joyous expression that tends to bring happiness and positivity. It not only exclaims a good purpose but also defines the different moods of a person. Sometimes it may represent a happy mode whereas sometime it may represent confusion, fear, embarrassment, etc. It not only expresses one but also enhances one’s personality. It not only makes others comfortable around you but also creates a positive vibe near you. Some people smile for happiness, some smile to make others happy, and some smile to hide their pains. So it cannot be said that a smile is always a result of happiness only. It equally represents sadness too, but we should also not forget about the healing power of a smile. It overcomes the extreme pain within you. We know that struggles are a part of life too still everything passes on if we smile.

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What I feel is that one should smile through all the circumstances in life. Someone may get inspired by your smile. It may convert a sad day for someone into a happy day. It brings miracles in life. A smile brings a sere thought of relaxation and happiness within you. This weapon is not only for yourself but for others too.

So, smile not only to make yourself beautiful but to make your life more beautiful…..

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