Confidence comes from overcoming challenges in Life

Life is not a bed of roses nor is it full of thorns. These thorns only increase the importance and beauty of flowers. Similarly, hard times or challenges in life empower us. They not only emanate us into a new individual but also make unyielding challenges come to every individual’s life, but the only thing that varies is our way of tackling or facing them. People who face challenges or even try to face them come out as differently cast individuals full of experience and with different perspectives of living life.


One of the most critical changes that challenges bring in us is making us feel more confident. Confidence is something that is not present by birth rather it comes through experience and experience arises from challenges. Every individual has a different way of tackling the tussle going on. Some fight it back, some leave the race whereas some try their best to win the run. What’s more important is that at least you are giving it a try. These challenges not only teach us to fight back but also make us feel powerful and assertive. Feeling like you have some positive dominance and this dominance is the boosted up confidence. There are a lot of changes that come into a person’s mind when he/she is more confident. Some of them are as follows-

1. We learn to admit our mistakes, embrace our flaws, and accept others’ differences.

2. More positivity grows inside us and the zeal to learn more, take responsibility and reflect on actions feelings, and thoughts raises day by day.

3. It not only embraces one personality but also makes one gregarious decisive and abundance mindset give up

4. Apart from that one can laugh at themselves and give compliments to others.

5. Last but not least analyzing the power and mindset of the person also broaden.

So what do you feel? Are you all facing your challenges? Do you feel confident enough? If yes, superb, but if not then you should give this thought a try. You will surely start feeling the changes and development within yourself .What I feel is that challenges provide us with experience and experience boosts our confidence and once you gain this confidence then it itself gives you the power to face more harsh challenges. So what are you waiting for – Be confident and enjoy the challenges in life.

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